Betsy Lowe, RN, BSN

Youth Workgroup Co-Lead                                 

Betsy Lowe currently serves as co-lead of the Project HOPE youth workgroup. She also served as a participant of the initial provider training workgroup with RCORP-ETC in 2019.

Betsy Lowe is the Grand East Regional Safety Nurse Consultant for the Department of Children’s Services. Betsy has worked with families affected by opioid drug use with DCS for 17 years to assist the family to reach their potential of being safe, healthy well-being and intact if possible. Prior to working with DCS she was a program director with the East Regional Department of Health as the Alcohol and Drug treatment assessment and placement program for 2 years while the program was in existence in 1999 and 2000. She has also been personally affected by the disease after her ex-husband of 21 years became a victim of the disease. Her goal is prevention so as few individuals and families as possible are affected by this devastating disease.