Jenny Crowley

Communications Director, Digital Storytelling Coordinator

Dr. Jenny Crowley serves as the Communications Director and Digital Storytelling Coordinator for Project HOPE and RCORP-ETC. She oversees the website and social media accounts for RCORP-ETC. In addition, she works with community members to produce digital stories aimed at reducing the stigma associated with opioid use disorder.

Jenny Crowley is an assistant professor of communication studies at the University of Tennessee. Her primary area of specialization is interpersonal communication with specific research interests in stigma and supportive communication. In particular, her research is focused on understanding how features of communication contribute to perceptions of stigma as well as how supportive communication facilitates coping with stigma. She has several ongoing projects related to OUD. She is currently interviewing romantic dyads in which one partner is using opioids about their coping processes, to help health communicators, educators, and practitioners develop better strategies for assisting families struggling with opioid use. In addition, she is researching how providers of medication assisted therapy communicate with patients to alleviate their perceptions of stigma.