Becoming an NHSC site

The 2023 NHSC New Site Application Cycle has now closed for sites that:

  • Have never been approved for NHSC, including sites that have applied and had their application denied or cancelled.
  • Are currently an inactive NHSC site due to expiration or past compliance issues.

The 2024 Application Cycle will open next year. Interested sites and treatment facilities should review the Site Reference Guide (SRG) for details on how to become NHSC approved.

Why be NHSC approved?

  • Recruit and retain qualified providers using NHSC loan repayment programs and attract NHSC scholars who are ready to fulfill their service obligation at sites like yours.
  • Post vacancies to the Health Workforce Connector.
  • Participate in HRSA Virtual Job Fairs to connect with job-seeking primary care trainees and practicing clinicians.

The application cycle is currently closed. In order to prepare for next year’s cycle, interested sites and treatment facilities should consider the following:

  • Review the Site Reference Guide. It details everything we expect of NHSC-approved sites.
  • Sites providing Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment should pay close attention to the Site Opt-In Instructions.
  • Sites providing behavioral health services will need to review the Behavioral Health Services Checklist, which contains updated requirements for behavioral health providers and sites. Impacts all current and prospective NHSC sites that provide behavioral health services.

Get help with your application

Dates of application webinars and Q&A sessions will be posted here once released by the NHSC.