RCORP-ETC Resources

In July 2022, RCORP-ETC hosted a presentation on the hub and spoke model for East Tennessee. Coordination of services for those in need of immediate support can be challenged by both time and available resources. To address this, hub and spoke serves to enhance service coordination and expedite resource access. Spirit is a powerful hub and spoke tool coordinated by Metro Drug Coalition. View the presentation here.

Parental Guides for Young Children and Adolescents

RCORP-ETC and Project Hope have created guides to help parents prevent prescription drug misuse in children.

Guide for Parents of Young Children

Guide for Parents of Adolescents

Permanent Drug Boxes in the RCORP-ETC Area

Counties have permanent drug boxes for community members to properly and safely dispose of unused medications. We have confirmed from Claiborne, Campbell, Cocke, Jefferson, and Scott counties that these boxes are still operational at this time. We have developed a flyer for each county for you to share electronically or print, so the community will know there are available.

Campbell County RCORP drug box flyer

Claiborne County RCORP Drug box flyer

Cocke County RCORP drug box flyer

Jefferson County RCORP drug box flyer

Scott County RCORP drug Box flyer

Flyer with all locations

Youth Development Trainings

The Youth Working group has created several trainings that support and promote healthy youth development. Those trainings can be found here.

Stigma Reduction Trainings

Three on-line or in-person educational opportunities have been developed for health and service providers who work with people impacted by substance use disorder. Please contact Dr. Laurie L. Meschke, Professor at University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Director of RCORP-ETC: Project HOPE, and NOW at llmeschke@utk.edu or 865-964-8368 for more information or to request a training. Please find the training information and the flyer here.

Training Materials for RCORP Grantees

The Rural Communities Opioid Response Program regularly releases training materials and hosts webinars to aid grantees in their fight against the opioid epidemic. Visit their website to access resources on a wide range of topics, including pharmacotherapy, harm reduction, social determinants of health, alternative payment models, and more.

Partnership Engagement in Addressing Opioid Use Disorder

RCORP-ETC presented on community engaged scholarship at the 2019 UTK Engagement and Outreach conference.

View the Presentation on Partnership Engagement

RCORP-ETC Region Broadband Summary and Resources

RCORP-ETC has created a list of Internet broadband resources in the 10 counties.

View Broadband Summary and Resources

RCORP-ETC Region Strategic Plan

The top three priorities of the RCORP-ETC consortium are mental health, stigma reduction, and treatment and recovery services for OUD. Our strategic plan report describes our action steps for addressing these priorities and ultimately eliminating opioid use disorder in our community.

Learn More about the Strategic Plan

RCORP-ETC Fact Sheets

The RCORP-ET consortium has created 10 information fact sheets about the state of OUD in the ten-county region. Each fact sheet addresses an area of concern in our community, detailing the severity of the problem, feasibility of addressing the problem, community views about the problem, and the expected benefits of addressing the problem. Click on the links below to learn more about these concerns within the RCORP-ETC region.

Unemployment and OUD Treatment and Recovery Services for OUD Transmission of Blood-Borne Pathogens Stigma Associated with OUD
Opioid-Related Overdoses Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, and OUD Health Insurance Coverage and OUD Mental Illness and OUD
Prevention: Involving Persons in Recovery Dentists and the Opioid Crisis Veterinarians and the Opioid Crisis Young Early Adolescent Development
Middle Adolescent Development Late Adolescent Development Billing for MOUD Providers Veterinary Medicine and Opioid Usage
Social Support and OUD  Cost of Treatment for OUD Early Adolescent Development Good Samaritan Policy Handout
SUD and Brain Training Handout      


RCORP-ETC Regional Analysis Report

The goals of the RCORP-ET consortium are to decrease the occurrence of OUD and overdose deaths in the ten-county region. Our regional analysis report represents the first step to understanding the state of OUD in the RCORP-ETC region.

The existing data and the data that were collected for this report revealed opportunities for the RCORP-ETC and the greater community, to decrease the risk of OUD and it many consequences. The opportunities were found at the individual, relationship, and community level.

Read the Report

RCORP-ETC Community Survey Report

RCORP-ETC conducted a community strengths and themes assessment survey to better understand the challenges and strengths related to opioid use disorder (OUD) in the 10-county region. We invited all persons who were 18 years or older who live, work, or play in the 10-county region to answer the survey. The survey was available from March 8 to March 20, 2021; 152 people in the 10-county region completed the online survey.

Read the Community Survey Report