Debra Schultz

Community Workgroup Co-Lead   

Rev. Debra Shultz currently serves as a co-lead of the Project HOPE community workgroup. One of her roles on this project has been to encourage stakeholders to invest their time in promoting prevention education. Rev. Debra Shultz is a licensed ordained minister and serves as the Executive Director/CEO of Rescue 180 Jefferson County Substance Abuse Coalition. As a Board Certified Prevention Specialist, as well as a journalist, she has worked to promote prevention education in her rural community.

Some of her professional accomplishments consist of creating a media campaign by producing articles in area news publications, about the power of prevention education over substance use in rural living. Also her mission continues in educating and bringing awareness about addiction, as well as fighting the stigma of the addicted, to her community. Her role has been to encourage collaboration of area stakeholders to join the fight against the opioid epidemic.

She has also written and produced a news magazine that shared the testimonials of Fourth Judicial Recovery Courts women with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. This developed into a program that built an awareness campaign with the local health council and other agencies. Educating the Jefferson County community about the dangers of substance abuse in relation to neonatal abstinence syndrome has lowered the NAS births in Jefferson County.

Rev. Shultz serves as a Board/team member of Fourth Judicial Recovery Court Program, serving also as the current chair for the regional Health Council, also serving locally as chair of the health council for 3 consecutive years. She also served on the board and developmental committee for the ‘Born Drug Free’ awareness campaign, locally. 

She serves as an active member of the Schools Coordinated School Health Advisory Board, a Board member for Jefferson County Sober Living and the leader of the Jefferson County Aftermath Task Force, with law enforcement.

She serves as the Program Director under the Drug Free Communities Grant, directed and administered by the White House’s National Drug Task Force and the CDC.